Diet for Men With Hypothyroidism

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Lack of energy, weight gain and constipation are just few of the many symptoms millions of men with hypothyroidism are experiencing. Hypothyroidism is the condition when the thyroid gland secretes low supply of hormones than necessary. This is said to be caused by numerous factors, problem with the thyroid gland itself being the most common reason.

Given how massive the number of men is affected each year, science has made numerous cures and treatments as well. From natural approaches to normalize hormone production to medical marvels to fix the root of the problem, these options are easily within reach for the public. Still, the aspect most needing attention and probably the most overlooked is the diet a person with hypothyroidism should maintain.

In this article you will be informed of what foods to focus your dietary plan and what foods to forget to help your thyroid get back in track. Recommended diet for men with hypothyroidism are as follows:

Iodine. Low thyroid activity means low iodine levels so you are strongly encouraged to consume foods with high levels of this vitamin. Luckily, iodized salt are used almost everywhere in the world. Fish, shrimps, seaweeds and other seafood are excellent sources as well as chicken and eggs. Milk and dairy products like cheese are iodine-rich, too. Other sources are yogurt, bread, beans, apples, prunes, raisin and corn.

Selenium. You are probably not too familiar with this. This mineral is the author when it comes to converting your thyroid hormones to their useful forms. It promotes thyroid function making it a key player in this condition.

This antioxidant is found in nuts, with Brazilian nuts taking the lead as the highest in content. Selenium is also found in rice, wheat, mushrooms, cheese, corn, seafood and some lean meats in beef and chicken.

Fiber. Due to consistent weight gain brought about hypothyroidism, it is important to stock up on fiber to help you keep the calories off. Not only will you maintain a healthy weight you can also say goodbye to constipation. Fiber-rich sources are nuts, bananas, coconut, carrots, beans, spinach, cherries, dried fruits and whole grain wheat. The 'greens' are excellent fiber supply.

No beer and carbohydrates. Carbohydrates include corn and potatoes. Raw foods should be vastly avoided that includes fruits and vegetables.

It should be kept in mind that these foods should also be taken in moderation. One way of ensuring that is to take small frequent feedings throughout the day.

Source by Harold Manning

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